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Wooden Rubber Band Gun Black Bear Destroyer Shotgun with Extra Rubber Bands Ammo and Army Men Targets

$ 13.95 $ 19.95
  • Rubber band gun is easy to load and shoot! This Black Bear Destroyer Rubber Band Shotgun can load up to 9 rubber bands at one time.
  • Fully assembled... just pull it out of the box, line up the 6 mercenary army men targets, load up the rubber band gun with ammo, and start shooting away!
  • Shoots rubber bands semi-automatic style. Simply pull the trigger; for each pull of the trigger another rubber band is released! Maximum range is approximately 20 feet, but will vary depending upon the type of rubber bands you use.
  • Guaranteed for life by the manufacturer! If it fails to fully 100% satisfy or survive, return it to the manufacturer for a full refund or replacement.
  • Black Bear Destroyer Shotgun set includes 1 rubber band gun 13 inches long, 30 rubber bands, and 6 small army men targets. Great for ages 5 and older. Adult supervision recommended.

His rubber band gun, the shotgun shaped "Black Bear Destroyer," was flying out of his hands. Those pesky mercenary army men targets had snuck up on Sam, and snatched it from him right in the middle of a reload.

"That's what happens when I let my guard down," Sam thought.

"Quick," yelled one, "Let's get out now!"

"Oh no you don't!" Sam hollered. He dove after the mercenary with his gun and wrapped his fingers around the muzzle just as the man was swinging away.

They had been camping. Dad and Uncle Rob had just left to go out on a trail hike. Mom, Aunt Bobbie, and Sis had all gone shopping.

So Sam was left alone to guard the camp. He was in the middle of getting all his gear ready when the surprise attack happened.

Yes, they had caught him by surprise, but he wasn't about to let this go down without a struggle.

Gripping the rubber band shotgun muzzle tightly, he twisted it hard and wrenched it from the attackers grasp, all while simultaneously giving the bad guy a solid punch in the gut with his knee.

Then, swinging on his hip, Sam pulled the shotgun up to his eye in one fluid and quick motion.

"Zing, Zing, Zing, Zing, Zing." The rubber band gun fired 5 shots rapid style as Sam expertly aimed and pulled the trigger. Groaning, the mercenary army men swayed and collapsed, falling to his precision aim.

"Don't shoot! Please! Don't shoot me!" the final mercenary was saying.

"Sam... SAM! Where are you?" His Dad's voice was faint. But strangely near.

His eyes flipped open. Moist sweat was covering his forehead. Looking around, Sam noticed his favorite rubber band shotgun nearby, with the toy army men lying prone at the other side of the tent. His extra rubber band ammo was now mostly scattered around on the other side of the tent as well. A successful defense.

He smiled. Camp was safe. Sam rolled off his sleeping bag and stepped out into the fresh air. "I'm right here Dad!"

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