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Wooden Rubber Band Gun Red Bat Enforcer Pistol with Extra Rubber Bands Ammo and Army Men Targets

$ 13.95 $ 19.95
  • Easy to load and shoot! This Red Bat Enforcer Rubber Band Gun Pistol can load up to 9 rubber bands. The hand grip features easy access to the trigger so even small hands can easily operate the gun.
  • Fully assembled… just pull it out of the box, line up the 6 mercenary army men targets, load up the rubber band gun with ammo, and start shooting away!
  • Shoots rubber bands semi-automatic style. Each trigger pull releases a separate rubber band. The faster you pull the trigger, the faster the rubber bands are released. Maximum range is around 20 feet.
  • Includes 1 rubber band gun pistol 6 inches long, 30 rubber bands, and 6 mercenary army men targets. Great for ages 5 and older. Adult supervision recommended.

"Where is my rubber band gun?" Sam strained to remember where he had last played with his red bat exterminator pistol. He needed it now!

A shriek from the kitchen jolted him just a few seconds ago. He had turned to look just in time to see Aunt Bobbie falling over in a dead faint as the six menacing looking toy mercenary army men were surrounding big sis and pulling her away, kicking and screaming.

Uncle Rob was no help. He had just finished off too much of Aunt Bobbie’s world famous carrot cake with the sugar-coma inducing cream cheese frosting. He was in a coma alright. It would take several gallons of coffee to get him back in the fight.

"No time for that," Sam thought. Just then, he remembered. Scrambling over on his hands and knees, he threw his hand under the couch and pulled out the gun. One of the army men started to turn. His movement must have set them off! Fingers shaking, Sam quickly loaded the gun with rubber bands.

"Hey!" the army man yelled. But it was too late. Sam had his precision aim. Squeezing the trigger rapidly, he fired off 6 shots.

The mercenaries looked dazed. Then in almost complete silence but definite shock, they crumpled to the floor.

"Oh, Sam!" his sister cried. "You saved me!"

"Sam... SAM!" That wasn’t his sister. The noise of a car roaring down the highway came rushing back into his ears. Sam slowly began regaining his senses. "What a dream," he thought.

"Sam! I asked you how your stay was with Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Rob!" his mom repeated.

Sis rolled her eyes. "I'll tell you. He wouldn’t stop shooting. He was shooting EVERYTHING with that rubber band gun Uncle Rob gave him. Aunt Bobbie said she’d never seen anybody have so much fun with that toy."

"It’s a good thing it came with lots of extra rubber bands!" Dad said.

"The cat hated it," Sis said, not thrilled. "And those army men it came with kept flying all over the place when Sam shot them."

Sam shot a worried look towards his dad. Dad just chuckled.

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